3 Tap Hot Pot Milk Boiler

Hygienic Hot Milk Boiler

The Café Matic 3 Tap Hot Milk Boiler,It boiles the 10 liter of Milk taking very less time having double heating system.

Body constructed with high food grade Stainless steel having double jacket.to ensure the higingc providing the removeable Milk container and push fitting taps.

Having LED Flash light for display the logo and branding area.

  • Materials and construction are designed for minimal maintenance.

  • Specification / Features

    Model MBV 2K18
    Fresh Milk capacity 5+5 (10 litres)
    lntial machine set up time 25 minutes
    No. Of Cups per minute Manual
    Heating Coil 2 No’s
    Temprature Control 2 No’s
    No.of output options 3 Tap (2 Hot Milk, 1 Hot Water )
    Required power supply 220 – 240V AC, 15A, 50HZ
    Power Consumption 3000 Watts
    Dimentions In mm H 500 - W 470 - D 430